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Seeing but not Reaching by Dex91

The lines are too sketchy. You should use about 3 lines to get the shape you need. Lines close to your light source should be thinner and thick where there is shadow. The ring and pinky finger on the right hand bend awkwardly. Other than that I like the overall lighting and colors are muted. You should consider using a taller canvas (portrait orientation) I think that would add a more dramatic effect. Plus a taller canvas will allow you to finish the calf and foot which you can also use to extend the feeling of being drawn up towards the light.
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Dex91 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I totally agree with you!
I just have to say, as i mentioned in the description, that this was a quick work, so i had no care at all about the lines.
You know, it's almost impossible to get what you want with only 3 lines with no structure behind it, only very very skilled artists can do that xD
This is by no means a "complete and refined" work, but just a quick representation of an idea i had: what i cared more about was practicing with a new angle/difficult pose, and giving the hand the feeling of being really tensed, as this had to be the subtle sign that the man was still struggling and suffering.

As for the taller canvas, i didn't think about it but i should have done like you said: a portrait orientation one would have been indeed better.

Lastly, it was my intention not to finish the foot and the calf, because i wanted the man to be overwhelmed and merged with the dark smoke.

Thank you for your critique though, i like them but i never receive these!
Could you please also critique the work in which i put all the best i could, Narcissism?
There's both the detail of the face (my current avatar) and the complete work.
You can find both on my profile page.
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